[all years] Migration of student emails to google

Dear Students,

There have been many questions recently regarding the migration of your student.uw.edu.pl pl email to google.

If you are a student of years 2-5:

A few weeks ago you have received an email with instructions about how to migrate your email to google. This is obligatory. The deadline for doing it is today (31 Oct) at midnight, so you still have a chance. The information was in Polish, so if you are a foreign student and you haven't done the migration so far, please contact the office: info@psychology.pl.

If you are a student of the 1st year:

The Computer Networks Team sent you an email one day to your private emails explaining how to get access to your university emails. The message was in Polish, but here is an English version of this message: [LINK]. The Team sent you your new login and password in the email, so please search for it. From November, you are OBLIGED to use university emails when contacting the UW (eg. if you write to a teacher or to the office). Emails sent from hotmail/onet etc. will not be answered. Also, information regarding the studies will be sent to you to your student.uw.edu.pl emails. Using university emails in your student life is obligatory as long as you are a UW student.