[years 2-4] Tutor declaration

Dear Students o years 2, 3 and 4,

On the 2nd year you need to write a theoretical paper, on the 3rd year an empirical paper and on the 4th year you need to start working on your mater's thesis. You need to find a tutor. Once you find a tutor, please bring a tutor declaration to him/her, ask for their signature and bring the declaration to the office. The tutor list as well as the tutor declaration is available on Moodle.

In case of theoretical/empirical paper, at the end of the winter semester you need to have a "pass" (in Polish "zaliczenie" or simply "zal"). You need to have a grade after the spring semester.

In case of master's thesis, preparing the whole thesis takes 4 semesters (both 4th and 5th year). At the end of the first 3 semesters you need to have a "zal". At the end of the 4th semester you need to have a grade.

If you don't have a tutor, please take care of it ASAP!