Info for students of courses by dr Marta Porębiak

Dear Students of dr Marta Porębiak,

The schedule of some classes taught by this instructor will be slightly changed:

Advances in Humanistic and Existential Therapy (years 4-5)
This course was supposed to finish in mid semester, but since 3 classes are cancelled, the course will finish 3 weeks later. Cancelled classes: 07, 14 and 21 Nov. Additional classes: 28 Nov, 05 Dec and 12 Dec. The time and room haven’t changed: 13:45, 404.

Psychology of Love and Introduction to Humanistic Psychology (years 1-5)
Classes will be cancelled on 12 and 19 Nov. Make-up classes are added on Fridays 30 Nov and 07 Dec at 13:45 (Humanistic) and 15:15 (Love). Room 404.

Please update your schedules!