Library trainings for new Students

Dear New Students,

As mentioned during the meeting for 1st-year Students on Thursday, there are going to be library trainings:

At the faculty library:
1) Students signed up for Logic gr 1: Tue, 02 Oct, 13:45
2) Students signed up for Logic gr 2: Wed, 03 Oct, 09:00
The training will take place at the library reading room on the 1st floor. From the elevator/stairs turn left, go to the end of the corridor, when you see the glass door, this is going to be the place.

At the Main UW Library (BUW):
The training for all new students is going to take place on Tue, 09 Oct, at 09:00 at [BUW]. Go inside, find a statue of an open book next to glass door and wait for a guide.