Warsaw School of Social Psychology invites you for a lecture by prof. Nick Braisby (Winchester University).

The lecture is going to take place tomorrow (20 May 08), at 17:15, room 307 (SWPS – Chodakowska Street 19/31).

The lecture’s abstract:

Consciousness is perhaps our primary psychological experience, yet it is one that has proved almost impossible to explain. Psychologists tend to assume that mental states are to be understood in terms of their information content. However, conscious experience seems to involve a phenomenal quality that is not explicable in terms of information. Hypothetical zombies, individuals with no conscious experience yet normal information processing, raise the possibility that consciousness has no function. In turn, this has given rise to the view that conscious experience does not really exist. By examining common cases of illusion, and the delusions found in Capgras and Cotard syndromes, I will argue that consciousness has the adaptive function of telling us when there is a cognitive 'system error'.