[5th year] If you don't defend till the end of September...

Dear 5th-year Students,

Each academic year begins in October and finishes in September of the next year. If you are on the 5th year, you should defend your master's thesis till the end of September. If you don't do that, you should write a request to the Dean asking for prolonging the time till December. Your tutor needs to write his/her support on your request. The deadline for bringing the request is till the end of September (on Saturday/Sunday you could put it into the box next to our office). If you don't do this, you will be crossed out from the list of students next week.

When the Dean agrees, you will have time to defend till December. Please remember: before you could defend, you should bring your master's thesis along with all the needed documents ca. a month before the defence.

If you have already brought everything to the office and your defence time is set for the beginning of October, you don't need to bring any request.

Assumed FAQ:

Q: The Dean agreed to my request. Do I have to pay anything?
A: No. The prolongation till December is free.

Q: What happens if I don't manage to defend till the end of December?
A: You will be crossed out of the list of students. You will have to resume your studies for the time of the defence. This is extra payable.

Q: What should I bring to the office together with my thesis?
A: Here are some [hints].

Q: I will bring everything eg. on 14 November. I need to defend on 15 November, because on 16 November I'm starting a new job/studies/program and it is very important. Can I do that?
A: No. You need to deliver everything ca. a month before your defence. Your thesis needs to be uploaded to the USOS, your tutor and reviewer need to write their reviews into the USOS, the antiplagiarism system needs to check the thesis, there needs to be data migration between the systems and it takes time. Also the comission needs to have time for your defence. Usually the defence takes place quicker than in a month, but definitely not next day after submission.

Q: I am planning on submitting the thesis at the beginning of December and then defend on 31 December. Will that be ok?
A: No. The time between Christmas and the New Year's Eve is holidays. Defending can take place till mid December before Christmas which means that you should deliver the last version of your thesis along with other documents in the second half of November AT THE LATEST!