[years 3-5] Index books

Dear Students of years 3-5,

If you have not returned your index book to the office yet, please do that till Thu, 05 Apr. All people who do not do that till that day will be on the list which is going to be given to the Dean. This might result in crossing these students out from the list of students.

In your index book, there should be all signatures from teachers that are from Warsaw. Grades from foreign instructors who do not live in Warsaw will be entered to your index book by the office. However, please remember that you need to fill in your index book yourself, ie. put there all your courses (course titles and instructors' names) and your name on each page with courses (yes, there is a special space for your name, semester and year there).

Assumed FAQ:

Q: I have not returned my index book, but I have written a request to the Dean and asked him for time till (for example) 10 April. Do I need to bring my index book on Thursday anyway?
A: No. If you have the Dean's approval to bring it later, you can bring it later.

Q: I don't have all the signatures from all regular teachers yet. Do I need to bring my index book anyway?
A: Yes, together with a request to the Dean for giving you more time to collect missing signatures.