An opportunity for years 3-5

Dear Students,

Dr Anna Piekarska resigned from offering the Youth and Life Crises course in the coming semester, so it will not take place then. To make up this change, it has been decided to bring back another course in the same place and it is the previously cancelled Psychology of Adoption by Zofia Borska. Why this course? Because it is much closer to Youth in terms of the topic than other courses, because it also has 30h and 4 ECTS. It will take place at the same time and day as previously Youth and Life Crises which is Mondays at 13:45-16:00, except that it will start one week later (20 Feb) and finish one week later (30 Apr).

If you want to take the Adoption course, please let us know till Tue, 14 Feb, 23:59 by sending an email to info@psychology.pl. The course is open for all students of years 3-5.

IMPORTANT: those of you who signed up for Youth: please let us (info@psychlogy.pl) know what your decision is:
a) you want to take Adoption in the place of Youth,
b) you don't want to take Adoption in the place of youth, but eg. you need points and you would like to sign up for another course (it will be possible for you if there are places),
c) you don't want to take Adoption and you don't need any additional courses.
Please be aware that if no one (too few students) wants to take Adoption, it will be cancelled. The Adoption course was offered once in the past, so you can ask people who took it what it is about or you can take a look at the syllabus on the moodle platform.