[1st-year and other new Students] Online tests

Dear New Students,

You are all required to complete 2 small obligatory tests:
1) Occupational Safety and Care (in Polish: BHP)
2) Intellectual Property Rights (in Polish: Podstawy ochrony własności intelektualnej)

Details regarding the Occupational Health and Safety
This is just a small online test. You can find it on the Kampus website (go there, scroll down, click Occupational Safety and Care, read instructions on the right, click “szkolenie BHP” on the left side of instructions, you will definitely have to log in with your USOS login and password). This is where you will find study materials and the test itself. After you have studied everything, fill in the short test. Things you should remember:
· You can fill in the test in 3 rounds. Round 1: till 30 Nov 2011, Round 2: 02-31 Jan 2012, Round 3: 01-16 Mar 2012. If you don’t complete the test in Round 1, Round 2 is going to be your make-up term and so on. In this situation, not completing the test during Round 1 will stay in your record. If you complete it in Round 1, you are fine and you do not have to worry about the BHP test any more.
· If you don’t manage to complete the test in 3 rounds, it will be possible to do it on 03-13 Sep 2012, but you will have to pay a 200 PLN fee.
· The test consists of 23 questions and only one answer is correct. If you correctly answer at least 12 questions, you pass the test.
· You will have 25 min to complete the test. This is why you should remember NOT TO START the test before you study the materials. The test will automatically close after 25 minutes and if you do not manage to answer enough questions within this time, you will fail.
· The test is in both Polish and English. If you know both languages, you can choose which language you prefer. DO NOT fill in the test in both languages, because your result will not be considered. Choose just one of them.
· The fact that you passed/failed the test will stay in your records and it will stay in your USOS record. If you don’t even try to fill in the test in all three rounds, this will also stay in your record.
· There is no workshop when it comes to Occupational Safety and Care.
· Completing the test will give you 0,5 ECTS counted into OGUN ECTS (you need to have 21 ECTS from OGUN courses during 5 years to finish the studies).
· Not completing the test at all will affect your passing the year! If you fail too many obligations (and BHP and IntelProp are two of them), you might even get expelled!

Intellectual Property Rights – there is going to be a short workshop here + a short test. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.