Reminder for 2nd-, 3rd- and 4th-year Students

Dear Students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year,

We would like to remind you that on your 2nd year you need to write a theoretical paper, on your 3rd year you need to write an empirical paper, on your 4th year (and 5th year) you need to write your master's thesis.

Each student is obliged to deliver a tutor's declaration (with your tutor's signature) to the office. If you have not done it yet, please do that ASAP.

3rd- and 4th-year Students probably know the procedure, but here is a short procedure description for the 2nd year:
1. Look at the list of tutors to search for a tutor (the list is available on the moodle platform).
2. Contact the tutor to ask him/her if they would agree to be your tutor.
3. If he/she agrees, give them the tutor declaration (it is to be downloaded from the moodle platform).
4. When the tutor signs the declaration, bring it to the office.

After the winter semester each 2nd-, 3rd-, and 4th-year Student needs to have a "pass" from their tutor. At the end of the year each 2nd- and 3rd-year Student needs to have a grade from their theoretical/empirical paper. 4th-year Students need to have another "pass" at the end of the 4th year.