Summer RA-ship at University of Delaware

Dear Students,

As some of You know, the University of Warsaw has an exchange agreement with the University of Delaware. This agreement incorporates the possibility of student and faculty exchange, and starting this year we have full courses available for students to participate in together in Warsaw.

Another aspect of the agreement is focused on research. To pave the way for potential future collaborations, the Department of Psychology at UD has agreed to fund two research-assistantships for students from the University of Warsaw, who will go to Delaware for 5 weeks (July-August) to work in the lab of one of the professors there. The flight, accommodation, and meals will be paid for; it is possible that a small stipend will also be offered.

This program is open to 3rd and 4th year students of the Psychology Faculty, and recruitment will take place as follows: by 11:59pm on May 14th, interested students should submit application materials, according to which a top few (10-ish) will be selected. This top few will be interviewed via skype by two professors from UD on May 19th in the afternoon. The top two students will be offered a position. If one of these two students does not land a position in the lab of his/her choice, that application will be distributed to the other professor(s). If a match can be made, great. If not, then the next student from the ranked list will be offered the position.

The professors who are interested in accepting research assistants for the upcoming summer are listed, with short descriptions of their research, here:


The application materials should be submitted through that page. You will see that they should include:

1. Your grade-point averages
a) for all obligatory courses that are available
b) for all courses You have taken

2. Contact information to two recommenders.

3. A research statement indicating how Your interests overlap with one of the UD professors. Why does this research area interest You? What do You expect to learn from working in that lab? What would You hope to achieve within the 6 weeks? How does this relate to work You have already done?

If You are interested but uncertain of applying I would encourage You to speak to Kuba Michalak or Anna Sjolund, our students who spent time working in Delaware last year. :)

This opportunity is also being publicized among the Polish-language students.

Let me know if You have any questions. But first re-read this page and the webpage provided carefully.

for Dean Dragan and the UD-UW collaboration team