Registration for language exams, spring 10/11

Registration for language exams in the spring semester’s session 2010/11 will last till 23 May, 23:59. This is the [website] where you register.

Remember that:
· You need to pass an exam in a foreign language (at least B2 level) till the end of the 3rd year of your studies. You can pass it earlier - on your 1st or 2nd year if you want.
· Passing a language exam will give you 2 ECTS.
· Please check if the date of the language exam does not collide with anything else. For example, the written part of most or all of the exams is taking place on Mon, 6 Jun.
· When you pass the written part, there is going to be an oral part during the same session.
· If you feel you are lacking information on oral exams, please talk to the people conducting written exams. They should inform you about everything at the beginning of the written part exam.
· You will be asked to write your PESEL on the answer sheet. If you are not Polish, you probably do not have the official Polish PESEL. In this case write your USOS login (the number starting with 007…).

Assumed FAQ

Q: On the registration website, I can see some PSYCH registrations. What are they?
A: Don’t worry about them – these are courses for those who study psychology in Polish.

Q: I wanted to sign up for an exam, but all the spots are taken! What can I do?
A: Come back to the registration website later. The people who organize the exams check the registration site often and they add exam groups when they are needed.

Q: When will I be able to sign up for other things on that website? OGUNs? PE classes? Language courses?
A: Soon. Please check the registration website often and you will not miss the registrations.