(message from Students)

Wednesday 16 March -- room 404 -- at 15:15-16:00 (you may leave early ;p)

Have you dreamed about an opportunity to get involved in national matters, improve or change things, or be the voice of your country?

...Well, this is not one of those things. BUT, you will get a chance to be the voice of your fellow students, a delegate who can make a difference; You will have the chance to fight for student's and your friends' rights, to help a damsel or a dude in distress, and even petition for an improved elevator service (I mean, we should get someone else to push the buttons for us!)

· Joining a team of representatives is a FuN way to get involved with your school.
· You'll be a member of the very select few; someone with inside information and stuff ;)
· You'll get the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and qualifications toward your future carEER, oooOOh 0_o... and stuff ;)

Do you have what it takes? Yes? Great! ...No? Don't worry, we'll teach it to you :)

Find out more during our preliminary hearing and join us for total awesomeness. Cookies and drinks provided by ImaginationWithin...bring it with you ;p

· You will also have the option of committing some energy, equivalent of clicking your mouse button (we don't want you to overheat), to the exhilarating poster parties, meetings, maybe some late-night get-togethers, and planning (e.g. more parties ;p YaY!)