[5th year] Reminder about requirements

Dear 5th-year Students,

Just a short reminder: if you want to defend your thesis, don’t forget about the below requirements:
· You need to finish the year, which means that everything that was required from you will have to be done.
· You need to finish your master’s seminar, which means obtaining a grade from the seminar after the 4th semester (it is a grade that reflects the process of preparing your thesis; there will be another grade for your thesis).
· You can’t have less than 300 ECTS. There are extra charges if you have more than 330 ECTS. These 300 ECTS need to include at least 21 ECTS from OGUN courses (but if you have more than 40, you need to ask the Dean to let you have more). Please check your courses in the USOSweb and count ECTS points from OGUN courses. If you are not sure about something, please contact Mrs Maria Polatynska: wisp@psychology.pl.