Registration for OGUNs and language exams

Dear Students,

Here is the link to the OGUN/language/PE classes registrations: [LINK]

Here are the dates of registration for OGUN classes in the spring semester 2010/11:
I round: 06 Dec 2010, 21:00 – 31 Dec 2010, 23:59 (dedicated groups – some courses will open on 6, some on 9 and some on 14 Dec)
II round: 01 Feb 2011, 21:00:00 – 28 Feb 2011, 23:59

Remember that:
· You need to have at least 21 ECTS from courses from outside psychology till the end of your studies. OGUN courses count here. Remember that they can’t be psychology OGUNs.
· During the first round many of the courses are ‘dedicated’ which means some of the students can’t take them, but they will be able to do that later, for example during the II round if places are left.
· You can sign up now for something you like and then resign during the II round without consequences if it turns out your OGUN collides with your psychology courses. If this situation happens, remember to resign online! When all the registration rounds are over, you won’t be able to resign without consequences. · Remember to check the language of instruction of the course. Course descriptions might be in English, but it doesn’t mean a given course is taught in English.

Here are the dates of registration for language exams in the winter session 2010/11:
22 Nov 2010; 21:00:00 – 11 Jan 2011, 23:59:00

Remember that:
· You need to pass an exam in a foreign language (at least B2 level) till the end of the 3rd year of your studies. If you don’t sign up and pass it now, nothing bad happens – you will be able to do that in the exam session after the spring semester.
· Please check if the date of the language exam does not collide with anything. For example, the written part of most or all the exams is taking place on Mon, 24 Jan.
· When you pass the written part, there is going to be an oral part during the same session.
· If you feel you are lacking information on oral exams, please talk to the people conducting written exams. They should inform you about everything at the beginning of the exam.
· You will be asked to write your PESEL on the answer sheet. If you are foreign, you probably do not have the official Polish PESEL. In this case write your USOS login (the number starting with 007…).

Here are the dates of registration for language courses in the spring semester 2010/11:
15 Feb 2011; 21:00 – 25 Feb 2011 23:59

Remember that:
· If you are taking a language course in the winter semester, the system will automatically sign you up for the same class in the spring semester. For example, you are taking Spanish on Mondays at 12:00. The system will automatically sign you up for Spanish on Mondays at 12:00 in the spring semester.
· This is also why the majority of language groups are continuing groups from the winter semester.
· During this registration round you will be able to resign from the language course or change groups.

Assumed FAQ

Q: On the registration website, I can see some PSYCH registrations. What are they?
A: Don’t worry about them – these are courses for those who study psychology in Polish.

Q: When are we going to have our own registrations?
A: The most probable time is second half of January. Details will be posted as soon as they are known.

Q: When are the dates of registration for PE classes going to take place?
A: The rumor says it’s going to happen on 28 Jan 2010, but please check the registration website from time to time and you will not miss the final dates.