Tuition reductions for the best students!

Each academic year, one tuition’s worth of reductions will be distributed among students with the highest grade-point averages. The distribution will depend on the number of eligible students and the differences among their grades.

Students who are interested in receiving tuition reductions for high academic achievement should:
1. Have GPAs above 4.5.
2. Hand in their index books with all grades and signatures etc etc.
3. Write a request to the Dean (prof. Ewa Czerniawska) to be considered for tuition reduction including a calculation of Your GPA for the previous academic year, 2009/2010, including all courses.

Requests should be handed in to the office by November 9, 2010.

Results will be announced soon thereafter.

Assumed FAQ

Q: Do I have to attach a list of all my courses?
A: No. Just the GPA.

Q: Do all the grades count?
A: Yes. This means also grades from OGUNs, language courses, language exams etc etc. Not just psychology courses.