Index book vs library

Dear Students (especially 1st-year Students),

Please don't forget to have a stamp from BUW (main library at Dobra Street) when giving back your index book to the office.


Q: What is this stamp for?
A: It confirms that you have returned all the university books after the 2009/10 academic year and your library account is empty.

Q: I have never been to BUW, so I don't have any books from BUW. Do I still need to go there?
A: Yes. BUW has access to the databases of all university libraries at all faculties, so they will check everything, not just BUW books.

Q: I used just our Faculty library. Can I take the stamp from here?
A: No. BUW can check all the faculties, but our library can't. All the libraries need to be checked.

Q: Oh noooo I'm not currently in Poland and I have already left the index book in the office. What can I do?
A: Don't worry. If someone from your friends is going to BUW with their index book, they can take your index book with them. Important: remember to tell the office, that this or that person is going to take your index book! Without this notice we won't give your index book to anyone!

Q: Does it take a lot of time to fix this?
A: At this moment no, but if you leave this until the very last moment, there might be queues. If you fix this now, it will take a few minutes and then you will have time to go bowling downstairs in BUW ;)