Info for 5th-year Students [Psychotherapy]

Dear 5th-year Students of the Psychotherapy specialization,

Some of you have already heard about it and here is the official confirmation – the last two Psychotherapy courses are going to take place in June. This has been kept from you for so long, because we tried to schedule the courses for earlier, but it has turned out impossible. So here are the details:

The last two courses are going to be conducted by Jason Kruk, a visiting instructor from the US. Course titles: An Introduction to Family Systems Theory and Therapy and An Introductory Seminar in Psychoanalysis. Both of them are going to be 30-hour courses, each worth 4 ECTS.

The schedule of these courses:
Thu, 10 June: Systems (11:15-13:30, 405), Psychoanalysis (15:30-17:45, 405)
Fri, 11 June: Systems (12:00-14:15, 412), Psychoanalysis (15:00-17:15, 412)
14-18 June and 21-23 June: Systems (10:15-12:30, 405), Psychoanalysis (13:30-15:45, 405).
The course finishes on Wed, 23 June. If you want to see how the updated schedule looks like, you can take a look at it on the board next to the office.

The syllabi are [here] and [here]. In the syllabi, there are various readings. Some books will be available at our library (as soon as they come, which might be even in a few weeks!), some materials are going to be given by the instructor, some will be posted online, but you can of course look for the books yourselves.

How to register for these courses. We are doing it in a way that you send an email to Pani Maria (wisp@psychology.pl or maria.polatynska@psychology.pl) till Tue, 20 Apr, 23:59. Till that time you can register and resign without any consequences, but after the deadline registration won’t be possible (resignation will be possible only through dropping). The courses are not designed for 4th-year Students!

The same registration rules apply to the course conducted by James Hill (Techniques in Psychotherapy II, 15h, 3 ECTS) – in order to register, please send an email to Pani Maria till Tue, 20 Apr, 23:59. Again only 5th-year Students.

Info about the course Psychological Diagnosis. Eventually, this course will not take place this semester. Without this course, there will be 47 ECTS points for the Psychotherapy specialization. As you need to have 48 in order to finish the specialization, the winter semester’s course by Linda Berg Cross, which is more than 15 hours, will be given 1 additional ECTS point and in this way you can finish the specialization with full 48 ECTS.