Info for Students of Visual Perception (...)

Below you will find a message from the teacher of the Visual Perception of Film and Media course.

Dear Students attending the Visual Perception of Film and Media course,

Just to remind you all:

- The assignment is composed of 3 tasks:

1. presentation of a chosen article (max. 14 points)
2. submitted 4 homework tasks (each task = max. 4 points, together it makes max.16 points)
3. written essay till 15.01.2010 (max. 20 points)

- My evaluation of your work will be based on a total number of points:

46 - 50 points = grade A (5) very good
41 - 45 points = grade B (4+) better than good
36 - 40 points = grade C (4) good
31 - 35 points = grade D (3+) satisfactory
26 - 30 points = grade E (3) sufficient
< 25 points = grade F (2) - failed

- Please, send me your essays on email: ivvona@gmail.com (deadline: Friday 15.01.2010)
- Each absence of yours needs to be compensated with a short, additional written essay. Otherwise, I'll have to subtract 4 points from your total score.
- Topic of all homework tasks as well as the 'homework policy', 'gides for writing essay' and 'absence policy' you will find on gmail account.
- I'll publish there a list - how many homework tasks I received from each person. For your evaluation I need as well your presentation files.
- On our next (last) meeting (21.01.2010) I'll give you my evaluations and you will get your grades.

All the best, Iwona Pomianowska