Info about exam cards and index books

Dear Students,

You can already pick up your exam cards from the office.

FAQ (mainly for 1st-year Students)

Q: What is an exam card?
A: It’s a paper with a list of your courses. Yellow one is for the winter semester, green one for the spring. You need to write the same courses on your own in your index book (you can take a look at the board next to the office to see how it should look like).

Q: What do I need it for?
A: After a course ends, you need to have a grade. Your teacher will put your grade in your index book AND on your exam card and sign both. It’s good to ask the teacher when he/she is going to give signatures. Some of the instructors will do that during the last class, some of them will ask you to come for their office hours, others will set an additional meeting just for signatures.

Q: I have all my courses signed, what do I do now?
A: If there is indeed EVERYTHING, you need to bring your index book and exam card back to the office. It is important, because if you don’t do that, you may even be crossed out from the list of students! DEADLINE: the sooner - the better, but formally you should do that not later that during one week after the makeup exam session. Please note: if you don’t take care of it early enough, it may turn out that the teacher you need is out of office and you won’t be able to collect all needed signatures.

Q: Right, but there were some visiting professors who won’t sign my index book, because they are already back home (USA etc.)…
A: Don’t worry. You don’t have to fly to the US etc ;) You don’t need to have signatures of visiting professors. These teachers leave authorizations for our faculty professors who will sign students’ index books and exam cards on behalf of their foreign colleagues. We will invite the authorized teachers to the office and they will sign everything. However, if your index book is not here, you will have to chase them yourself! And that might mean losing a lot of time and effort.

Q: I can’t find my OGUN/language/PE class on my exam card, why?
A: Sometimes USOS doesn’t want to print these courses. You have to write these courses on your exam card yourself. And yes, you need to have EACH course you’re taking on your exam card and in your index book (and in USOS!).

Q: Where can I get signatures for Intellectual Property and Occupational Safety and Care tests?
A: You don’t have to worry about them. You don’t have to have signatures for these two.

Q: I failed one of my classes. Do I still need to have a signature for that?
A: Yes! Any fails also need to be in your index book and exam card. And it concerns your OGUN/language/PE class too!

Q: Gosh! Sounds like a lot of things to do! Since the grades are in the USOS, do we really still need to do the whole index book/exam card thing?
A: Yes. We’d like to get rid of the paperwork, but it’s not only beyond WISP, but also beyond the whole Faculty and even beyond the whole University. Don’t be scared though. In practice, it’s enough to listen to the teacher to know when signing takes place. If you can’t come on a given day, you an ask your friend to take your index book/exam card with him/her (you don’t have to be there in person).