Registration for OGUN courses

Each student needs to gain 21 ECTS points from OGUN (“university-wide”) courses during 5 years of studies. Registration for OGUN courses (spring 2009/10) is going to take place in 2 rounds:
Round I: from 07 Dec 2009, 21:00 till 31 Dec 2009, 23:59
Round II: from 03 Feb 2010, 21:00 till 28 Fec 2010, 23:59
Where to register: WEBSITE (choose OGUN-2009L)

* If you are foreign, you can take OGUN classes about Poland in Polonicum.
* Check the language of the course! Names of courses are translated into English, but it doesn’t mean that they are conducted in English!


Q: If I sign up in the first registration round, but later I will decide not to take the course, can I still resign?
A: Yes. If you sign up in the first round, you will still be able to resign till the last day of the second round. But remember – if you don’t resign in a given period of time, your course choices will be considered final and you will be required to get a credit.

Q: How can I register for OGUN courses if I don’t have my psychology schedule yet?
A: Our schedule, as you already know, is completely wild, we have blocked courses, visiting instructors, some weeks are free and other weeks are really packed with classes. Our psychology schedule is extremely difficult to create and at this moment the version we have now will change many times for sure. We recommend that you sign up for whatever you want and then, if it clashes with your schedule, you will deregister during the second round. It’s very important to deregister if you don’t want to take an OGUN course!!

Q: It’s the first day of the first registration round, it has just started, but the system is extremely slow and I cannot log in. Why is that?
A: Thousands of students of the University are also trying to log in and probably the servers are overloaded. Keep clicking or come back later (but then the course you would like to take might be full! …and all the students know that, that’s why the servers are overloaded, because they keep clicking…).

Q: It’s in the middle of the first registration period and I still cannot take the course I want. Why?
A: It’s possible that this specific course is a ‘dedicated course’. It means that some groups of students have a right to register first. For example you want to register for the course “Experiments in Economy”, but it turns out that this course is dedicated for students of Economy, Management or Computer Science. This means that only these students will be able to sign up for this course in the first round. In the second round, however, if there are free spots left, all the other students will be able to sign up for this course.

Q: I signed up for a course, I didn’t deregister during the second registration round and I don’t want to take it. What can I do?
A: You can drop 2 courses during 5 years of your studies, so you can use this possibility (you will have to write a request). Or you just don’t take this class and for you it will finish with an “NK” (=not classifiable), which will show on your transcript. And of course you will lose OGUN tokens which you need to “spend” when you register for OGUN courses.

Q: Is this the final offer of courses?
A: Probably not. New courses will be added as soon as the faculties put them in the USOS system.