Exam in a foreign language

Till the end of the 3rd year each student is obliged to pass an exam in a foreign language. The registration for language exams is going to last from 30 Nov 2009, 21:00 till 15 Jan 2010, 23:59. Register here: website
As for this moment, there are not many language exams to choose from, but the offer will be expanded if students express their interest, so please check the registration website often.

Things to remember:
- you have 2 free exam tokens, so if you register and don't take the exam, you'll lose 1 token;
- during the registration, you can sign up for an exam and resign as many times as you want, but it won't be possible to do that after 15 Jan 2010 when the registration finishes;
- the exams are going to take place in the exam session after the winter semester;
- an exam consists of 2 parts: written one and oral one; on the registration site there are usually given the dates of just the written part, but the oral one takes place later after the written one but still during the exam session, so please take that into account when booking a plane ticket, holidays etc.;
- info about the oral part should be given at the beginning of each written exam, so if you couldn’t hear anything about it at the time of your written exam, please ask the examiners for details;
- during the exam you will be asked to write your PESEL number, but if you are not Polish, you don't have it; in this case you need to write your USOS login (007...);
- if you don't speak Polish and there are some Polish elements in the exam paper, please report that to the person conducting the exam immediately;
- also, tell him/her that you don't speak Polish, so that the examiner knew about it and didn't give the instructions before the exam in Polish;
- some language certificates can be recognized by the University and they may exempt you from passing the exam.