Scholarship (after the 06/07 adacemic year)

The complete list of students of the whole faculty (so also Polish students) is on the faculty board on the 2nd floor, next to the room 76.

Look at the table there. The scholarship for good grades is called “stypendium naukowe” and if there is TAK (“yes”) next to your PESEL or index book number, it means that you have the scholarship.

Foreign students who have been given the scholarship (index book numbers):

If you are Polish , please check your PESEL on the list next to the room 76.

If you are on the list, you are required to bring a request for transferring the money to your (your own! not your parents!) bank account and the number of your bank account to the office (ASAP the sooner the better!!). A statement saying that you would like to have the scholarship transferred to your personal bank account (+ the number) is enough. The bank account number must be in a printed form.

If you have an Internet account, you can print the proof of payment for something and then erase all the info except for your name and the bank account number. In this case, you can write the request by hand and attach the bank account number.

When you state your bank account, please remember that it must be a PLN account and NOT an Euro/dollar/etc. account. If you do not have a PLN account, you will have to take the money each month from kasa.

Scholarships after the 1st year: from the average 4.60
Scholarship after the 2nd year: from the average 4.48

* up to the average 4.69: 300 PLN/month
* 4.70-4.79: 400 PLN/month
* 4.80-5.00: 500 PLN/month

The scholarship for October and probably November (depending on when you deliver your bank account) will be given to you in the KASA (cash desk) on the 2nd floor, next to the room 72. You will have to show your student ID there.

Btw: congratulations! :-)