Information for students with foreign diplomas

The students with foreign high school diplomas are obliged to legalize their diplomas in Poland.

The procedure:

1. You come to our office and get some of your documents which you have already sent (for example your apostille).
2. You go to Kuratorium in Warsaw, the address is: Aleje Jerozolimskie 32, Warsaw, room 102. You should contact Ms. Ewa Januszewska. Kuratorium is a Polish office for education.
3. The documents needed to complete the legalization process (you have to bring them to Kuratorium):
a) request/application stating that you ask for legalizing your diploma (this is something you take from Kuratorium)
b) original high school diploma
c) apostille
d) transcript of records (if the grades are not on your diploma)
e) a statement saying that you are allowed to enter higher education institutions in your country (if it is not written on your diploma)
f) translation of your diploma into POLISH (it can be done for example in this translation bureau: Biuro Tłumaczeń Sepcjalistycznych, Świętokrzyska Street No. 18, 2nd floor, room 221)
g) a copy of your passport
4. You leave these things in Kuratorium and come back some time later (they should tell you when, it usually takes a few days, maybe a week)
5. Kuratorium issues a paper in Polish (called zaświadczenie).
6. You have to bring back to our office all the papers taken back from Kuratorium (this includes your ORIGINAL diploma! We need to keep it in your folder in the office for the time of your studies).
7. The legalization process needs to be completed by 15 November 2007.