Prolonging your student ID cards

(This announcement doesn’t concern New Students now, but it will concern you in the future, so read this info just to know for the future.)

We are going to start prolonging your student ID cards starting next week. Your IDs should be valid till the end of October (check the sticker on your ID card). Before your ID card could be prolonged, please check the following:

-          Have you paid everything you needed to pay? Not only the tuition fee, but also conditional passes, dormitories, maybe additional tokens for PE classes etc. (if this concerns you). If you have paid, but USOS doesn’t see your payment or it hasn’t been processed and we cannot see it yet, please have a proof of payment with you.

-          Have you done everything you needed to do? For example you wrote all needed requests, your academic year 2018/2019 is completed in usos and you are registered for a current academic year, you finished your Erasmus in case of coming back from Erasmus etc.

If you have done all of the above, you can get a sticker for your ID card.

Hint: it would be great if before a class, one student collected ID cards from everyone and brought that to the office. Then, during the class, we will be able to process them and students will be able to pick up ID cards after the class. This will minimize queues.