Scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Dear Students,

Those of you who have exceptional results and have achieved something extraordinary in the 2018/19 academic year could apply for a scholarship of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education 2019/2020. This scholarship is given only to the best of the best students. In order to apply, it is not only necessary to have a very high GPA but also eg.:

  • publications in renowned scientific journals or published books
  • active participation in research projects conducted by the UW (not by student clubs etc.)
  • active participation in conferences (as a speaker or scientist, not in the organization committee and not as a visitor)
  • registered patent (not only submitted one)
  • awards in international competitions
  • other things, eg. participation in Olympic Games or world/continental championships in a given sport etc. (being a country champion is not enough).

From academic year 2019/2020 Student send electronic version of the application to alinden@psych.uw.edu.pl

  1. Application („wniosek stypmin_UW_surname name.PDF”),
  2. Appendix with scan of the declaration (wniosek stypmin UW surname name – oświadczenie.PDF”),
  3. Appendix with documents that confirm your exceptional result (wniosek stypmin UW surname name – zalaczniki.PDF”),


The deadline for submitting application at the Faculty is 1.10.2019