[All Students] Linking courses and delivering the program for check-up

Dear Students,

If you already have all your grades, please link courses and deliver your program for check-up in USOS now. The deadline of the deadlines is the 17th of September (a week after the make-up exam session), but it is rather for students who have make-up exams. If you have passed everything already and you have a clear situation, please do it now. Just so you know, next year the deadline will be right after the June session for those who passed everything.

What do you need to do now?
You need to link courses worth 60 ECTS to your current year. You have linked some in the winter semester and now you need to link enough to make it 60 ECTS after the whole year. All obligatory courses need to be linked. All other obligations (like eg. at least one OGUN on the first year or a language exam on the third year if passed this year) need to be linked. You need to choose electives/OGUNs/other courses so that we can check what happened with 60 ECTS from the current year. Here is a detailed instruction with printscreens and examples. The instruction has been updated so that at this moment everything written there is valid. More experienced students should take a look at it too, especially at Example 3 on page 6.

In general, this is the correct order of actions for now:
1)      Get all grades
2)      Link courses
3)      Deliver your program for check-up (don’t deliver before linking!)

If you have a make-up exam in September, then please wait with delivering your program for check-up till you already know all the final grades (September).

What happens if you don’t do it?
You can’t be officially enrolled to the next year. Your ID card will not get prolonged. You cannot get any official confirmation that you are enrolled in the next year (this is very important especially for foreigners who need to deliver documents to the immigration office!). If you already have all the grades, but wait with everything till September, it might take long to finish the 2016/17 academic year in September as there will be a queue of similar requests.

What will be improved when it comes to linking?

  • In the past, many students made a mistake that they linked too many courses to their current year (eg. 64 ECTS) and it later turned out that these additional 4 ECTS cannot be used in higher year. Students were surprised, but the course that is linked to one year, cannot be linked to the next year. So, this year the office will unlink a random additional course exceeding 60 ECTS and leave it as linked only to the program. This will have some impact on your GPA as only courses linked to the given year count for that year’s GPA. If you later come and ask for changing the courses, it will be too late. So, you have been warned. Now you can choose, so please choose carefully.
  • If you failed many courses but link only those that you passed (=less than 60 ECTS), the office will link some random failed courses so that we can check what happened with your 60 ECTS during this year. Of course these failed courses linked to this year will count for your GPA from this year. Now you can still choose which of these courses will count. When the office (un)links random courses and you later come and ask for changes, it will be too late, but now you can choose. You generally should link courses worth 60 ECTS (obligatory courses and other obligations for sure + some chosen electives/OGUNs etc.; if you lack passed courses, you should link failed courses, so that you link courses worth 60 ECTS).
  • From the next year, linking and delivering your program for check-up will be done only once at the end of the year (and not after the winter semester).

What to do if you can’t link exactly 60 ECTS, because when you add all the courses it will equal 61 or 62 ECTS?
Then link 61 or 62 ECTS. Generally do everything to be as close to 60 ECTS as possible, but not less than that.

What to do if you completed a course not from your year (eg. you  are on the second year, but you repeat obligatory Statistics from the first year)?
Courses need to be linked to the year they belong to (so if you repeat Stats from the first year, the Stats course needs to be linked to the first year where it belongs).

What to do if you lacked ECTS last year and therefore this year you had to do more?
Link some course to the last year (as many as ECTS that were missing). The rest use this year. This year you need 60 ECTS too.

If you have questions (especially if you are on your 1st year), please contact the office.