9th of May (Psychonalia) - information about classes starting at 12:00 or later

Dear Students,

As you have probably heard, on the 9th of May there is the Faculty Day called Psychonalia. Because of that, the Dean has announced Dean hours from 12:00 on that day. This means that classes are cancelled from 12:00, but with some exceptions. Here is the list of classes and information (see if this applies to you):

  • Behavioural Addictions – the class will take place on 09 May, but at 10:15, room 404
  • Statistical Methods in Psychometrics – this class is moved to Mon, 15 May, 16:00, room 68
  • Advanced Statistical Methods – the class is moved to Wed, 10 May, at 16:00, room 68
  • Emotion Regulation – this class will be moved to another day, but it’s not known yet when
  • Addiction – Theory and Treatment Options – this class stays as planned and will not be moved, because it is taught by a visiting instructor and there is no possibility to move it.

Please update your schedules! And have fun during Psychonalia. 1st-year Students should know that there are usually many attractions at the Faculty (including some concerts, food, interesting activities, games…:)) – ask older students to find out how it looked like in the past.