Prolonging validity of student ID cards already possible

Dear Students,

It is already possible to prolong validity of your student ID cards. Please come to the office with your student ID only during the office hours (so not on Wednesdays and not on Fridays).

Note for the first year: if you look at the your ID card (back side), you will see a sticker saying that your ID is valid till the end of March. Now you will get a sticker saying that your ID will be valid till the end of October. Prolonging validity of student ID cards is not just adding another sticker. Your ID card will be connected to USOS which will check if you are registered for the next semester and will add this information to your ID card. Without a prolonged ID, you will not be entitled to eg. get student discounts (including public transport).

Before you bring the ID card to the office, please answer the following questions:
1) Have you linked courses of the winter semester and already delivered your program for check-up in USOS after the winter semester? If not, the USOS will not let us make a prolongation. To fix this, please see one of the previous announcements.
2) Have you paid the tuition fee for the spring semester? If you paid in EUR and have not sent a proof to the office yet, please have a receipt with you when you come to prolong the ID card. If you paid in PLN through USOS, we will be able to see the payment, but if you pay on Monday and come with your ID on Tuesday, that might be a bit too early – in this case please also have a receipt with you.

Hint: as usual, if one student collects a few ID cards before a class and then brings them to the office, they will be checked/prolonged during the class and ready to be collected after the class. This will minimize the queues.