[All Students] Linking courses and delivering the program for check-up

Dear Students,

The winter semester is almost finished, so it’s time to link your winter semester’s courses and deliver your program for check-up.

DEADLINE: the deadline for each student might be different, but it’s generally the day when you have all the FINAL grades. For most of you it will be at the beginning of the next week (13 or 14 Feb). However, if you already have all grades, you can already link courses and submit the program for check-up (it will take you a minute of your time so you could do it even now after reading this announcement!). If you still have an exam to pass in the make-up exam session, then wait for it and link/submit everything right after you have all your final grades at the beginning of March (more info about it in the guide linked below).

HINT: it’s best to link only obligatory courses now. With electives, it is best to wait for the spring semester. Right now you probably don’t know yet which electives/OGUNs etc. you will use to fulfill the 60 ECTS/year obligation.

Here is a short guide about linking for WISP (with printscreens, case studies, FAQ etc., so very useful!). It’s been created mainly for first-year students, but if you are an older student in search of answers, you are welcome to use it, too.