[3rd year] Important info for Students writing Empirical Papers

Dear Students writing Empirical Papers this academic year,

Completing the second semester is possible on the basis of the assessment of the final version of the paper. The final version of the paper needs to be delivered to the office on a CD/DVD (Word format) so that it could be checked with the anti plagiarism program (and then the CD/DVD stays in your file).

The final grade needs to be given till the end of the exam session, so in practice it means till the end of June. There is no September make-up session for empirical papers. Before you receive the final grade, your tutor needs to have time to read it and find a reviewer who will also read it and grade it. Your final grade is an average based on these two grades. Also, before your grade is put in USOS, the paper needs to be scanned by the anti plagiarism system. For these reasons, please don’t expect to have your grade till the end of June if you deliver your work on the 29th of June. By that time your tutor could also already be gone for holidays. Because your tutor needs to have time to arrange checking the paper, you need to deliver the final version to him/her (and the CD/DVD to the office) well in advance, so more or less at the beginning of June. Some tutors will need 2 weeks, others will need more time, so please discuss the deadline with your tutor. At this moment you still have about a month to finish the paper, but the time passes quickly. If you think that at the end of June you will write a request to the Dean and ask him for a prolongation, it’s not so easy. The Dean may prolong the deadline till the September make-up session ONLY in exceptional situations and when it is confirmed by the tutor on your request. The request needs to be submitted till the end of May.