Information for those Students who have conditional passes

Dear Students,

This message concerns those who have conditional passes - mostly those who repeat an obligatory course which they didn’t pass last year (but there could be other conditions, too).

Conditional passes are connected an additional payment. According to the Rules of Study at UW, if you are repeating a course, you should pay for it during 4 weeks after the beginning of the semester when the repeated course (or another condition) is taking place at the latest. If you have not paid yet, now is the time to do it.

If you have a conditional pass and you would like to know how much you should pay and till when, you can check that in USOS: student’s section à payments àuncleared debts. There you will also find a bank account to which the payment needs to be made. If you don’t pay until the deadline stated there, the USOS will automatically add interest.

[Table with additional payments]

NOTE: since USOS knows only payments in Polish zloty, conditional passes for the Empirical Papers and MA seminars need to be paid to the university EUR account (since they are in EUR).