Linking courses - prolongations and some explanations

Dear Students,

A quick update regarding linking courses: the Rector has agreed to extend the linking period till 15 Nov. Those of you who have not done it yet, you still have a chance!

A few reminders or further explanations regarding linking:

If you have a conditional pass, the course which you are repeating should be linked to the previous year. Study the example: let’s say you failed BBB on the first year, so you passed to the second year on condition that you will repeat the BBB course (BBB is your conditional pass). When doing linking, you will be able to see both the first semester of the first year (because you didn’t complete all courses obligatory in this semester) and the first semester of the second year (because right now you are on the second year). BBB should be linked to the first semester of the first year, because it belongs to the first year.

We have noticed that some of you have linked only some courses and left some other courses as not linked anywhere. We would like to remind you that not linked courses will not count anywhere and there is an additional payment for them!