[All Students] Linking courses of the winter semester 2015/16

Dear Students,

The time for linking courses in USOS has started and it will finish on 28 October. First-year and other new Students should first read this instruction about linking. It contains some useful case studies, many examples and printscreens explaining what needs to be done where. If you are a student of a higher year, you will find it useful, too.

The new Rules of Study at UW that have just come into life (from 2015/16) introduce a few changes in linking. Here are some updates that come from Rules of Study and some other important reminders:

Linking only 60 ECTS to the program and semester
As mentioned in one of the announcements about linking in the previous semester, the previous year was a transition year. Right now, if you have more ECTS than 60 completed during a year of study, the additional ECTS will count towards the next academic year only if they are linked in a specific way (if they are linked only to the program, not to the semester). Eg. if during the 2015/16 academic year you will complete 65 ECTS, if you want to use these additional 5 ECTS, you need to link them only to the program, while 60 ECTS should be linked both to the program and to one of the semesters of the 2015/16 academic year. Obligatory courses have to be linked to the program and semester when they are taking place, but with electives it is a good idea to link them only to the program for now. Then, in the spring semester, when you already know how many electives/OGUNs etc. you will be taking, you will link a needed number of ECTS from electives to the spring semester.

A course that is not linked anywhere at all
If you leave a course completely unlinked, there will be an additional payment due on 28 October 2015. A course that is not linked anywhere is treated as a course not included into your program of studies, therefore it is not included in the tuition fee and is something completely additional. If you would like to completely unlink a course from 2015/16 (winter semester), but the USOS doesn’t let you, please write a request to the Dean.

Courses linked only to the program in relation with GPA after the studies
From 2015/16, courses that are linked only to the program will not be counted in your final GPA after studies. Eg. let’s say you will finish studies with 311 ECTS after 5 years. Let’s say you will have 302 ECTS linked to the program and semesters and 9 ECTS you will leave as linked only to the program. Your final GPA will be counted only from courses that constitute the 302 ECTS linked to program and semester(s). Remember that there are no additional payments for up to 330 ECTS, but there will be an additional payment for the 331st and every next ECTS credit. However, if you want these additional courses (worth 9 ECTS in the above example) to be included into your GPA, you may request for it.

Linking courses in the spring semester 2015/16
Most probably, you will be asked to link spring semester’s courses already during the registration for the spring semester (this means December!). Most probably it will work in a way that when you register for a concrete course, the USOS will already ask you to link it to the program and then some time later you will be asked to link the course to a concrete semester. We don’t know the details yet, but will give you information once we know it. Right now we would just like to mention this change.