[All Students] Delivering program for checkup

Dear Students,

Those of you who already have all the grades and ECTS you need (courses are linked to the program and 2014/15 semesters - you may check that on your USOS account), you don’t wait for any make-up exam etc., please submit the program for check-up in USOSweb as soon as possible: log in -> student’s section -> promotions -> deliver this program for checkup. It will take you 15 seconds.

This way we will know that you are not waiting for any grade and you can be safely put on the list of a higher year for the next semester. This is especially important if you need a transcript or a statement saying that you have passed the year 2014/15.

If you have a make-up exam in the September exam session, don’t deliver your program for checkup now. You will do that after you know your new grade. Don’t foreget that the make-up exam session in September is only for obligatory lectures (so not for BCS, Experimental Psychology, SDM, Empirical Paper, electives and specialization courses).

Now it is also a good moment to think if you have paid all payments for the 2014/15 academic year (not only the tuition fee, but also eg. additional PE classes, language tokens, dormitory, conditional passes if you have any etc.).