An interesting USOS information for all Students

Dear Students,

We thought we could try another feature in USOS. As you know, WISP courses were not in the USOS schedule in the past because the USOS had problems with showing blocked courses correctly. Since WISP has many courses like that, we did not use USOS schedules, but some updates have been introduced, so we have decided to give it a try.

Today (20 Feb), if students of years 1-3 log in to USOS, you should see obligatory courses in the schedule on your USOS account. During the weekend, after the data migration, all of you should also see electives in USOS. We are working on specialization courses to be put there, so you will be able to see them soon, too.

Attention: if on your USOS account you cannot see all obligatory courses you should be registered for in the spring semester 2014/15, please urgently contact the Office (years 1-3 should contact Ms. Aleksandra, years 4-5 Ms. Maria)!