Urgent information for all WISP Students (update)

Dear Students,

A small update regarding grades in USOS:

  • When grades are put into USOS from the Office side, you will see them in your student USOSweb on the next day. It is like that is because there needs to be data migration between these two parts of USOS and this takes place during the night. If grades are put in USOS today, you will most probably see them tomorrow.
  • It is instructors’ role to submit grades during the appropriate time. If we don’t have grades tomorrow, we will contact teachers personally and ask them for grades. We have already been in contact with teachers of Creativity Workshop, Cross-Cultural Communication Training and Introduction to Psychology (so most probably you will be able to see grades from these courses on your side tomorrow). We have also sent reminders to other teachers (Research Methods, Statistical Methods for Experimental Design, Sexology), so we are expecting their response soon.
  • Information for Students of younger years: the lack of grade does not mean that you cannot take part in classes of the spring semester. Sure you can! If you don’t have a grade because you did not participate in a course, the lack of grade is not strange, but if you participated in the course and you still have no grade, it is strange and cases like that should be reported to us so that we could check what went wrong (Students of years 1-3: alinden@psych.uw.edu.pl and Students of years 4-5: maria.polatynska@psych.uw.edu.pl). Students reported above mentioned courses and this has been taken care of.
  • If you don’t have a grade from a course that does not belong to the Faculty of Psychology (PE classes, language courses, OGUNs) while you think you should have a grade, you should contact units organizing these courses. The WISP Office has influence only on WISP courses.
  • It will be possible to click "deliver program for check-up" in USOS also later once the missing grades are in, so if you think that you have to do it till 17 Feb, it is not how it works. The sooner you do it, the better, but 17 Feb is not the deadline.