Prolonging student ID cards

Dear Students,

You may already come to the office to prolong your student ID cards.

(Info for 1st-year Students: your ID cards are valid till the end of March. This date is written on the sticker on the back side of your ID card. Right now you don’t have to prolong it, but please read this information so that you know what will happen in March.)

If you want your ID card to be prolonged, please bring it to the office together with a proof of payment of your tuition fee (if you have not delivered it earlier). You may send the proof of payment to: office@psych.uw.edu.pl (this way all 3 of us in the office will get it; Ms. Maria is on sick leave right now, so if you send the proof only to her, the other people from the office will not get it).

Also, if there are any other payments except the tuition fee that you should have paid, these also need to be paid before your ID could be prolonged. This includes eg. conditional passes, additional tokens (any type: PE, language exams etc.) dormitories or any other type of payment. Remember not to pay additional payments to the same account as the tuition fee! Depending on the type of the payment, there are different bank accounts. If you are not sure which bank account to use, please come to the office and we'll help.

Useful tip: if one student collects a number of ID cards (and payments) before a class and brings them to the office, during the class we will be able to check everything and make prolongation, so that ID cards could be picked up after the class. This way you might avoid queues! And please come during office hours. Attention: you may come to prolong your student ID card also this Friday (24 Oct), 10:00-14:00 (exceptionally).