[Future 3rd and 4th Year] Empirical Paper and MA seminar

Dear 3rd- and 4th-year Students,

As you probably know, on the 3rd year you write an Empirical Paper and on the 4th and 5th year you write your MA theses. You need to find a tutor on your own. 4th-year Students know how searching a tutor looks like (basically the same as for the Empirical), but for the future 3rd-year Students this procedure is new, so here is an instruction how to do that:

  • Check the Tutor List on the Moodle website. Find a tutor who would best fit the area of your interests.
  • Download the Tutor Declaration from the Moodle website.
  • Contact the tutor. Tell them what you would like to write about. If they agree to be your tutor, ask them to sign the Tutor Declaration (eg. meet them during their office hours).
  • Bring the Tutor Declaration to the office. From this moment the cooperation between you and your tutor becomes official.

The minimum conditions for receiving course credit for completing the first semester of the Empirical Paper include the submission of an outline of the paper and its list of references or bibliography. Credit for the second semester is granted on the basis of the assessment of the final version of the student’s paper. The final version of the paper needs to be delivered to the office on a CD/DVD so that it could be checked with the anti plagiarism program.

Minimum requirements for the student to receive course credit for each semester of the MA seminar include: a) formulating a research problem or defining the area of inquiry and preparing a list of publications connected with the topic of the thesis (first semester); b) preparing a detailed plan of the empirical study (second semester); c) conducting an empirical study connected with the topic of the thesis (third semester); d) submitting the final version of the MA thesis (fourth semester).

Please don’t forget to bring the tutor declaration to the office once it is signed. If the office is closed, you may leave the declaration in the mailbox.