[1st-year and other new Students] Intellectual Property

Dear 1st-Year Students (and other new Students, too!),

As you probably know, there are two small obligatory things that every new student needs to complete:

1)      Occupational Safety and Care online test – BHP (more info [HERE])

2)      Intellectual Property Rights

To remind you, the deadline for completing the online BHP test is 10 Feb 2014. When it comes to the Intellectual Property, it is going to be very short - there are going to be just 2 meetings in January:

  • Thu, 16 Jan, 17:45-19:15, room 421 (not 412)
  • Fri, 17 Jan, 17:45-20:00, room 421

During the second session, at the end there will be a short revision and then a short test. Both BHP and Intellectual Property are worth 0,5 ECTS each. Completing both is obligatory for every new regular Student (1st-year or transfer) at the whole University of Warsaw. Attendance is obligatory. Not completing the course at all will affect your passing the year! If you fail too many obligations (BHP and Intellectual Property are two of them), in extreme situations you might even get expelled!

Please note Intellectual Property dates in your schedule.