[2nd year] Developmental Psychology schedule

Dear Students of Developmental Psychology,

As you know, this course is taught by 2 instructors: one from the Faculty of Psychology (Dr. Kmita) and one visiting professor from France (Prof. Gratier). Prof Gratier was supposed to come to Warsaw for the week 09-13 December. However, due to personal reasons, her part of the course needs to be rescheduled for February. She will come in the second week of the new semester and her part will be included into the spring semester’s schedule. Here is the updated schedule of this semester’s remaining Developmental Psychology classes:

Mon, 02 Dec, 13:45-15:15 – this class will take place as planned

Mon, 09 Dec, 13:45-17:30 – this class was originally planned for Prof. Gratier, but it will be taught by Dr. Kmita

Mon, 16 Dec, 13:45-16:00 – this class will take place as planned

Developmental Psychology classes from two weeks 09-20 Dec that were originally scheduled for different days than Mondays are cancelled, so classes on Tue, 10 Dec; Wed, 11 Dec; Thu, 12 Dec; Fri, 13 Dec; Tue, 17 Dec and Fri, 20 Dec will not take place. You can cross them out from your schedules. The final exam will take place after Prof. Gratier’s part, so already in the spring semester.

Apologies for the inconvenience and please update your schedules!