[URGENT - ALL STUDENTS] Linking courses - update

Dear Students,

We have been receiving more details from the Rector’s Office regarding the whole action of linking courses. Here are more useful details:

  • This one is more for students of years 2-5: if you have a completed course which you previously (eg. last year) have not linked anywhere, because you wanted to use it in the future, please link this course at least to the program. You will decide later to which semester you will link it. If you link the course to the program now, you will be able to later decide to which semester you want to link it. However, if you do not link it anywhere at all, it may happen you will not be able to link it anywhere in the future because eg. old semesters will be archived. If you know you will want to use the course in the future, it is safest to link it to the program now.
  • In the past, linking was connected with the end of each semester. We have been informed that linking will now happen at the beginning of each semester, after all registrations for that given semester have finished. Right now, it seems it is not sure there will be another time for linking winter semester’s courses at the end of the winter semester, so please do everything till the deadline (08 November).
  • Some students have asked us about what to do with yearly courses (eg. BCS on the 1st year). Please link them to the program now without linking them to the winter semester. You will have a grade in the spring semester, so it is better to link the course to the spring semester. It is estimated that linking spring semester’s courses will be possible in March/April.
  • Linking concerns not only psychology courses, but also PE classes, OGUNs, language classes etc.

When we get specific dates concerning linking spring semester’s courses from the Rector’s Office, we will announce them. Also, when we get any more information, we will let you know.

More details and a step-by-step instruction are available in the [previous announcement]. If you feel you are completely lost, you can visit the WISP Office and we will help you as much as we can.