[1st year and Erasmus] Intercultural training

Dear New Students,

There is an intercultural training being planned at the Faculty. It is mainly addressed to foreigners for whom Poland is new, but Polish Students could take part, too. Details have been sent to you by email.

Attention regular Students: the email has been sent to you to your university emails (the ones with the @student.uw.edu.pl domain). From now on, we are going to use only your university addresses to contact you. It is obligatory for you to check your email and use it in order to contact the UW people/units. If you missed the information on how to access your UW email, please check [this announcement].

If you are not a new Student, but you would like to participate in the event, please contact the WISP office (info@psychology.pl) and we will tell you how to join the training.