Info for all the Students - payments in USOS

Dear Students,

The USOS will now help you keep up with your payments. This concerns fixed payments in PLN, so mostly additional payments for example for conditional passes or repeating the year (and other additional payments). It does not concern the tuition fee, or at least not yet, because it is in EUR and not in PLN. Thanks to the payments module you will be able to see how much you should pay, when and for what.

Info for new Students: a conditional pass is when you fail something (eg. a course) in one year and you have to repeat it in the next year.

An instruction of how to look at the payments module in USOS is available [HERE]. We advise checking how this looks like in the USOS right now, even if you don't have any conditional passes, just to get familiar with this module.


Q: The USOS shows me the day of payment, for example 25 Oct 2013. It means that I can pay on 25 Oct 2013, right?
A: No. If the USOS gives you a date eg. 25 Oct, remember to pay at least one day before. Usually, when you make an online transfer, especially in the evening, it is finalized by the bank on the next day. For instance, if you pay on 25 Oct in the evening, the transfer will probably reach the account on 26 Oct and the USOS will already count interest rates for the next day!

Q: So what happens if there are interest rates?
A: You need to pay everything as quickly as possible, because it will be more with every next day! If the USOS shows you interest rates, eg. 5 PLN, on eg. 30 Oct, you need to pay it in a way that the USOS sees your payment on 30 Oct. If it sees the payment on 31 Oct, it will add new interest rates. That’s why it is best to make transfers in the morning to be sure that the money reaches the account on the same day when it is paid (or even one day before).

Q: I had to pay 300 PLN, but I made a mistake and paid 301 PLN. I hope it is not a big mistake?
A: It actually is. The USOS is able to recognize only exact payments, so if you need to pay 300 PLN, then exactly 300 PLN needs to reach the account. The USOS is able to link exact amounts. If amounts differ, the USOS will not link them and it will have to be done manually by the financial office. This will take time.

Q: Will I be able to see the tuition fee in USOS as well?
A: Right now no. The tuition fee is in EUR and this module is able to show only fixed payments in PLN. The tuition fee could be paid in PLN, but each day the amount of PLN is different, because it depends on the PLN-EUR course. However, maybe in the future it will be possible.

Q: Will I be able to see there only conditional passes for courses not passed at the Faculty of Psychology or there will be also other conditions, eg. for PE classes?
A: There will be also other conditions. You will be able to find PE classes there. Please make sure to always use a correct bank account. Payments for PE classes need to be paid to another bank account than those for courses belonging to the Faculty. Don’t worry if you don’t know the account, the USOS will show it to you.