Information about the Rector's Scholarship after the 2012/13 academic year

Dear Students,

Here you will find information about the Rector’s Scholarship. The scholarship could be given to a regular student who:

  • obtained a high GPA in the preceding year OR
  • has significant scientific achievements (eg. publishing a scientific book/chapter, translating a scientific book, active participation in a conference, becoming one of the top three participants of a national and/or international scientific contest etc.) OR
  • has significant artistic achievements (eg. publishing/translating an artistic book, becoming one of the top three participants of a national and/or international artistic contest, having works included in exhibitions on a national and/or international level etc.) OR
  • has achievements in sport on the national and/or international level (eg. participation in Olympic or Paralympic Games, world championships, European championships; achievements in domestic top leagues in various sports; becoming one of the top three participants in the Polish Universities Championships etc).

It is possible to include all criteria in the application, but the Scholarship Commission will take into account only the best two of them.

A key thing is that the student completed all needed courses/requirements to complete the 2012/13 year till the end of the September make-up exam session.

What will not be taken into account (examples): unscientific publications; passive participation or organization of conferences; membership of a student club; participation in contests without achievements; passive participation in a research project etc.

In order to apply for the scholarship, each student needs to fill in an application in USOS, print it, sign it, and deliver it either to the Scholarship Commission or to the Office. DEADLINE: 15 OCTOBER 2013.

Where to find the application: go to usosweb.uw.edu.pl. -> Log in -> Student's Section -> Aplications (Yes, the one with one “p”. No, we don't know why there are two “applications” and one of them has just one “p”...) -> Scholarship application -> fill in and follow the steps.

The Scholarship Commission which administers Rector’s Scholarships has created a very useful detailed instruction with printscreens available under [this link]. We have already requested for an English version of the instruction, but we don't know when it will be created. If you have questions or you need help in the application procedure, especially if you are a foreign student, here is the contact to the Commission: oks@samorzad.uw.edu.pl.

Who can receive the Rector’s Scholarship? Apart from Polish students, it could be given to foreign students who: are from the EU or have a permanent residency (eg. “zezwolenie na osiedlenie się”, “zezwolenie na pobyt rezydenta długoterminowego Wspólnot Europejskich”) or have a refugee or similar status or have “Karta Polaka” (the exact catalogue is given [HERE on page 10] and if you have questions about it, please contact the Commission directly).


Q: Can I apply if I do not have any scientific achievements?
A: Yes. In this case the basis will be just your GPA.

Q: How can I document my scientific/artistic/sports achievements?
A: You will find this information under [this link]. Start from page 30. If you do not know Polish, please contact the Scholarship Commission directly: oks@samorzad.uw.edu.pl.

Q: Do I have to print the application and deliver the paper version to the Faculty?
A: Yes.

Q: I cannot fill in my GPA anywhere...
A: In this case your GPA will be counted by the Office and added to the ranking.

Q: I am currently on my Erasmus exchange. Can I apply?
A: Yes.

Q: I am currently on Dean’s leave. In the 2012/13 academic year I studied regularly. Can I apply?
A: Yes, now is the moment for you to apply, but if you receive a scholarship, the actual money will be paid to you after you come back from your leave.

Q: I transferred to UW from another university. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. To the application you need to attach a statement from the office of your previous studies confirming your GPA for the 2012/13 academic year.

Q: I have a conditional pass. Can I apply?
A: Yes, but for the GPA criterion you will receive 0 points, so in order to get the scholarship, you will have to prove that you have scientific/artistic/sport achievements.

Q: In USOS I can’t see that my 2012/13 academic year is finished (one of the reasons could be that I eg. have not delivered something from [this list]) and I don’t know if this information will change till the deadline on 15 Oct. Can I still apply?
A: Yes. Print the application, cross out the information about the year. While checking all applications, the Commission will take a look at you individually.

Q: When I print the application, the bank account number is not there. What can I do?
A: Come to the office. We will check if your bank account is in USOS. If it is not, deliver it to the office, so that we could put it there. It is ok that your bank account is not printed in the application, but without your bank account in USOS you will not receive the scholarship.

Q: Can the WISP Office assist me with the application?
A: Not really. This is something that we do not administer and we do not really have any practical knowledge about the process. We don't know how it looks like from your side. The Scholarship Commission will be able to answer your questions.