Information for Students who had problems to obtain a credit from theoretical/empirical paper or an MA seminar in 2012/13 academic year

Dear Students,

If after the 2012/13 academic year in USOS you cannot see:
- a grade from theoretical paper (if you were a 2nd-year student in 2012/13)
- a grade from empirical paper (if you were a 3rd-year student in 2012/13)
- a credit from your MA seminar (if you were a 4th-year student in 2012/13)
You need to write a request to the Dean and ask for a conditional pass. Failing to do so might even result in expelling you from the university (if you fail to complete an obligation, the Dean has the right to cross you out from the list of students).

Predicted FAQ:

Q: I'm on the 2nd year right now (2013/14) and I don't know what a theoretical paper is...
A: Don't worry, it is not obligatory for you. After the program of studies had been updated, theoretical papers were cancelled. You do not have to write it.