Dormitory for 2008/2009 academic year

To each student who wants to apply for a dormitory room for the next academic year!!

If you are Polish:
- you need to fulfill a dormitory application form (come to the office to get one)
- you need to have a statement confirming that the dochód na jednego czlonka rodziny wynosi tyle i tyle. To musi byc przeliczone na zlotowki.

If you are not Polish:
- you need to fulfill the dormitory application (come to the office to get one).


This (paper work above) needs to be done this week or on Monday (16 June) the latest.

This year we were assigned 2 dormitories at Zwirki i Wigury Street and 1 at Kickiego Street. There is no Jelonki any more.

The procedure how people are assigned dormitories:
1) First, the Polish people who don't pay for studies (for the Polish department) and who are poor are assigned a dorm room.
2) If there are free spots left, other people who are already our students get a room.
3) If there are still free spots, new students get a room.

You are all in the 2) and please bear in mind that there is a possibility that you won't be assigned a room.