Important info for 5th-year Students who would like to complete the Psychotherapy specialization

Dear Students of the 5th year,

This message is for those of you who are currently on the 5th year and who at the same time are planning to finish the studies this year (2012/13) with Psychotherapy as the main specialization.

In order to complete this specialization, you had to take all Psychotherapy courses which in 2011/12 and 2012/13 together would give you 49 ECTS. However, the course Self-Experience in Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy that was supposed to take place in this semester had to be cancelled due to not enough signed up students (4). It was worth 2 ECTS, so without this course you will have 47 ECTS, while you need 48 in order to have the Psychotherapy specialization. To compensate the loss of ECTS, we wanted to organize one more short course with a new visiting professor, but we already know this will not be possible.

If you are worried that because of that you will not be able to finish studies with the Psychotherapy specialization this year, here is the solution. Students generally take specialization classes also from other specializations, so it will be possible for you to count one course (worth a maximum of 4 ECTS) into the Psychotherapy specialization as long as its contents could be linked to and useful in psychotherapy. For example, the Psychology of Coaching course or Conflicts, Mediation, Negotiations courses will be fine. In order to count one course into the Psychotherapy specialization it is necessary to write a request to the head of the Psychotherapy specialization, Rafał Styła, PhD. If you would like to check if a given specialization course would be good here, please contact him directly (rafal.styla@psych.uw.edu.pl).

If you are on your 4th year right now, don’t worry – next year there will be enough courses to enable you to gain at least 48 ECTS from the Psychotherapy specialization. If due to the cancellation of the Self-Experience course you are missing 2 ECTS needed to finish the year, please contact the Office ASAP.