Important for all the Students - linking courses

Dear Students,

The winter semester is now over and the time has come for the office to check if you completed all your courses, therefore please link your courses in the USOSweb and deliver your program for checkup.

(Info for 1st-year and other new Students) What is linking? Through linking you tell the University which courses you would like us to include into your GPA. You need to have at least 60 ECTS after the first year. Let’s say you have completed courses worth 65 ECTS. Through linking you can choose courses with the best grades which will be worth at least 60 ECTS and these courses will be taken into account when counting your GPA after the whole year. However, remember that all obligatory courses will count anyway. If you don’t link them, the office will link them for you. Why? Because these courses are obligatory. Linking gives you an opportunity to choose elective/OGUNs or (in case of 4th- and 5-year Students) specialization courses which you want us to count into your GPA. The whole procedure will be more important at the end of the year, when your GPA is counted, but it also needs to take place after the winter semester.

Step-by-step instructions how to do that are available [HERE]. Read them please.

Deadline for linking courses: 17 March 2013, but if you don’t have any make-up exams, please do it now. Why? Because checking your courses needs to take place before your student ID card could be prolonged. If all students do the linking on 17 March, the office will not be able to check everybody quickly as the checking procedure takes some time. Besides, don’t forget this requirement concerns all Faculties and if everybody leaves this for the very last moment, the USOS servers might get overloaded etc. So, if you are already done with the winter semester (you don’t have any exam in the make-up exam session), please link your courses now!

What might be useful to know: if you see somewhere that a semester has a code 2012Z or 2012L, it means that these two concern the academic year 2012/13, Z stands for Polish 'zima' (winter) and L stands for Polish 'lato' (summer). This is important, because sometimes people think that for example 2013L means summer of the calendar year 2013 (which is taking place now), but in fact it means the spring semster of the 2013/14 acadmic year (so next year).