Information about index books

Dear Students,

Good news for older Students who started their studies with obligatory index books: index books are not obligatory anymore! This change concerns the current (2012/13) winter semester and it means that you do not have to chase instructors and ask them for signatures. What will be the most important from now on is USOS protocols. However, if you wish to keep your index book in the same way like before, it is possible. In order to do that, please fill in a declaration [download] and bring it to the office till the end of the make-up exam session (deadline: 08 March 2013). Remember that if you declare that you would like to keep the index book, you will have to collect signatures and stamps in the same way as usual and it will be obligatory for you.

An advantage of having an index book is that you will have a great souvenir after completing the studies :)